Ecstacy Symphony

So a little while a go when my hair was still blonde we went to lentils and it went a little like this,

After looking at his excellent mustache, CHECK OUT THE WOMAN BEHIND JIMMY!


We made friends with a cute dog.

And then this guy insisted we play his instruments.

And we did!




I’m crap in the morning.


I then went to the reject shop and got a disposable party camera for only 5 doll hairs!  


Sicky waiting at the tram stop.

I also got candy at the reject shop.

This is Beowulf, we’re going through a rough patch ever since he decided my hand was good enough to eat.

Sick Rachski in bed with a spoon squished eye, aww.


Then Lou and Luke came over and we had vegan chocolate ice cream!

Then we set off to go to James’ house for his housewarming party, but under the influence these things take time. Especially when Lou’s shoe breaks and you spend half an hour in coles not knowing which glue to buy, we got super glue in the end and it ended up all over Lou, leaving her finger glued to her foot and the glue bottle glued to her hand, it was probably the best ever.

But we made it in the end and partied until 6am

House keeping!

Flying high


Ghetto dancing was fun until we realised how white we are

Peace out.


2 Responses to “Ecstacy Symphony”

  1. lefthandcutstheright Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But really, fuck missing out on how messy everybody was on Saturday night. Ahhh.

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