Shut in

June 17, 2010

New art is up here;

I have so much to draw and if the weather keeps up nothing to distract me from it.

I got another party camera developed a little while ago and only just got around to scanning them so here goes,


We went to Millie’s house on the mountain and got a bit high

and went a bit nuts

Vegan veggie roast with cauliflower white sauce, mashed potato and red wine.


We made Potato and leek soup, it was sooooo good!



April 22, 2010

I’m moving all my art into one place to make it less confusing. You can find it all here;

Also everything I put up will be better quality as I’ll actually scan things instead of just taking shitty photos. Kewl.

Vegan Banana Cake

April 17, 2010

I’m pretty bored so just for fun this is how I make vegan banana cake!


1 cup self raising flour

2 large ripe bananas

3 heaped table spoons of nuttelex

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

2 eggs (no egg)

1 cup raw sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup soy milk

(add more spices, nutmeg or lemon juice for extra flavor but I like simple banana cake)


Preheat oven to 180 and prepare a cake tin

Mix soft nuttelex and sugar using a fork until both are combined and the mixture is fluffy

To this add the banana (mashed) vanilla essence and eggs, mix with a whisk until all are combined

Sift flour, cinnamon and salt into a seperate mixing bowl

Slowing add this dry mixture into the original mix alternating between the dry mix and the soy milk.

Mix with a whisk until you get a nice consistency that isn’t too runny

Pour mixture into cake tin and bake for 45 to 50 minutes!

Easy peasy then nomnomnom you should get this:

Ecstacy Symphony

March 22, 2010

So a little while a go when my hair was still blonde we went to lentils and it went a little like this,

After looking at his excellent mustache, CHECK OUT THE WOMAN BEHIND JIMMY!


We made friends with a cute dog.

And then this guy insisted we play his instruments.

And we did!




I’m crap in the morning.


I then went to the reject shop and got a disposable party camera for only 5 doll hairs!  


Sicky waiting at the tram stop.

I also got candy at the reject shop.

This is Beowulf, we’re going through a rough patch ever since he decided my hand was good enough to eat.

Sick Rachski in bed with a spoon squished eye, aww.


Then Lou and Luke came over and we had vegan chocolate ice cream!

Then we set off to go to James’ house for his housewarming party, but under the influence these things take time. Especially when Lou’s shoe breaks and you spend half an hour in coles not knowing which glue to buy, we got super glue in the end and it ended up all over Lou, leaving her finger glued to her foot and the glue bottle glued to her hand, it was probably the best ever.

But we made it in the end and partied until 6am

House keeping!

Flying high


Ghetto dancing was fun until we realised how white we are

Peace out.

I need,

February 12, 2010

to get my shit together. I’ll be scanning drawings soon. when my scanner stops being a fuck ass. Animal farm is a good book.

I find

February 3, 2010

cooking while stoned very relaxing.

Along with vegan blueberry muffins and a nom worthy soup concoction I made these bad boys,

vegan wholemeal, apple, almond and cinnamon scones served with maple syrup.


Serious Delirium.

January 24, 2010

Lately my mind makes it harder and harder to sleep when I’m alone and when this happens it’s good to have a friend who plays games and also has a fucked sleeping pattern living in the same suburb. So when this happened the other night I decided to ride to Lou’s house, until I realised I still don’t have a bike (which sucks a whole lot) I then realised as it was 3am no trams were running so I had to walk it, which was fine. I love late night/early morning walking, just not so fond of walking past cemeteries and being asked if I’m a prostitute by some guy in the back of a maxi taxi who was terribly distressed when I informed him I’m not. I arrived at Lou’s full of beans and in need of water. We then smoked a joint and painted our faces until sunrise, it was pretty good.

Last night was another night like this and so my pal Tim Beans rode over to the house I’m house sitting and we had one of our excellent drawing parties. These pretty much consist of us chatting about junk, listening to excellent music and drawing, sometimes we watch movies but mostly if we do we never really pay attention. Thinking of making drawing parties weekly.

Product of drawing party #1 –

This is a bad photo but I plan on scanning it later and adding to it.

Product of drawing party #2 –

The old wise owl will also looked better scanned. (Not done by me)

The image below is the product of an excellent game we played taught to me by a creative bean Stephanie Kothe. Pretty much you pick something simple to draw, rule up a table and first draw it with your ‘normal’ drawing hand, then move to the next box and draw the same thing again except this time you close your eyes, then move to the next box drawing the same thing again using the hand you don’t draw with (for me it’s the left) and last but not least you draw it again with your dud hand and your eyes closed. It’s ridiculously fun.

Take note the camera has made the drawings back to front and so going in the wrong order, you get the gist though. I first did a unicorn, Tim Beans then did a pelican, which I followed up with a pathetic looking truck, which he followed up with an excellent Homer Simpson. Good game!

January 19, 2010

Mourn the memories later
Laugh now alligator 

I want,

January 18, 2010

an incredible 70s van with sexy interior and all the sleazy trimmings such as mood lighting and shag carpeting, filled with babes and books. Though it’s probably just a passing fancy.

Or maybe not.

Can’t sleep

January 7, 2010